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What are the latest trends in web design and marketing? And what is going on within the design community? 

The world's best designer We are many who make websites for our customers, but have you ever thought about what type of designer you are, what you like to do and what effect this has on whether you can help your customer in the right way? When an Entrepreneur asks a designer for help, they often want you to: Growth
One-click soft animations Now everyone can create content that softly slides in and works nicely on both computers and phones. With a single click, you can turn the animation on or off. Well-made, subtle animations on a website create a soft and comfortable reading experience. Growth
The best image format for the web – 3 quick SEO tips & 3 free image optimization tools On average, the images on your website will make up for 19-21% of the sites total weight*. Here we will show you how to reduce loading time and get more traffic. Growth
3 keys to converting website traffic Did you know that the average visitor only stays for about 4-8 seconds before clicking away? Have you ever given thought as to what determines if they stay or go?  Growth Community
6 week course: Design for the user for Front end developers at Hyper Island 2020/21 A huge thanks to all you amazing 14 Industry Leaders that so wholeheartedly gave the Hyper Island students your precious time, shaping this years Frontend developer talents with real life experience and the latest from the Industry. The course "Design for the user" and six intense weeks of hands on UI/UX are completed. Community Growth
5 week course: Design for the user at Hyper Island The 5 week course "Design for the user" is made by Snowfire and is part of the first ever Frontend Developer Education at Hyper Island. Community Growth
Scandinavia's largest Event for Growth and Search Engine Optimization runs on Snowfire Conversionista did a thorough research and tested most event platforms to find which platform could best meet their high demands. Web optimization is the key in Growth. The event will be run in both Stockholm and Oslo.  Growth
The design that affects sales in your webshop The designers and trend scouts Jennifer Hammervald and Frida Gauw give you the latest news in graphic design and concrete advice on how to think when you build your brand online. They show why UX and CRO are such an important part of a companys success online. Community Growth
The importance of a first impression Our minds are programmed to recognize facial expressions and body language. According to a recent *study, a first impression is formed in only 0.1 seconds when looking at a face. The first impression is an unconscious event where our mind tries to categorize the face and generate feelings depending on different social attributes, such as trustworthiness or dominance. These feelings instantly impact our own body language and behaviour. Growth
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