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What are the latest trends in web design and marketing? And what is going on within the design community? 

Snowfire speaks at Websummit The passionate and driven Ditte Hammarström from Snowfire gave a very different kind of talk on the Creatiff stage. Community
4good Design Thinking Every organisation has a web presence and that web presence should be unique. It should convey what an organisation does and all express it’s personality and culture. Community Selected
Wednesday Relations leaves Joomla open source CMS after only 3 years for a much more automated Snowfire CMS. "They have better marketing automation support to the current 12,000 members and a new kind of fully automated payment function with the bill and card payments", says Mats Gustafsson, CEO at Wednesday Relations. Community Selected
The art of Smartphone filmmaking Storytelling is about communication and communication is about connecting…and when you connect you become more productive. But how can you best achieve this? Community
The winners of Swedish Digital Awards Swedish Digital Awards highlights the Sweden's best digital communications. Community
The design that affects sales in your webshop The designers and trend scouts Jennifer Hammervald and Frida Gauw give you the latest news in graphic design and concrete advice on how to think when you build your brand online. They show why UX and CRO are such an important part of a companys success online. Community Growth
User Friendly Award - time to nominate your web page Community
On the eve of a new era ... Leading experts in robotics, philosophy and economics shed light on the breakthroughs of robots together with politicians and the social partners.  Community
Swedish Innovation Parliament Today starts the Swedish Innovation Parliament in 2016. For the sixth consecutive year, the Swedish innovation is gathered to network, interact and influence the Swedish innovation at local, regional and international levels.This year the theme Attraction & Internationalization in one of the most inspiring environments and with some of the innovation system's heaviest players. Community
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