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What are the latest trends in web design and marketing? And what is going on within the design community? 

The horseshoe of the future Selected Snowfire website:  The horseshoe of the future is applied without nails, glue, clamps and manufactured in a 3D printer. The patent publication number is 540,034. Community Selected
A book about the love of snow Selected Snowfire website: www.slowskiing.euSkiing is an activity were you always need to be present and in balance. When we are always moving quickly, we rush past things that could be important: nature, friends, flavours, scents and culture. Community Selected
It is the pictures that make the web page Selected Snowfire website: www.fotofabriken.seDuring these Corona times we all meet digitally. We read pictures before we read a text, they go straight into the brain. What does your website look like? What do you want to convey? Trust-inspiring photos and short films that show the company is important. Community Selected
Find available healthcare staff in Sweden Selected Snowfire website: Here you can search for vacancies: doctors or nurses Community Selected
AIK Hockey sells tickets to empty stands and sets records During the Pandemic, the sports clubs have had to to play for empty stands. It may seem heavy, but not for AIK Hockey who together with their supporters are already chasing the next record instead. Community
5 week course: Design for the user at Hyper Island The 5 week course "Design for the user" is made by Snowfire and is part of the first ever Frontend Developer Education at Hyper Island. Community Growth
Designers Unite, Portugal, 2019 Knowledge transfer, design styles and code. Nice to meet at warmer latitudes and set the guidelines for upcoming Designers Unite festivities for all of us in the Design community.  Community
Scandinavia's largest Event for Growth and Search Engine Optimization runs on Snowfire Conversionista did a thorough research and tested most event platforms to find which platform could best meet their high demands. Web optimization is the key in Growth. The event will be run in both Stockholm and Oslo.  Growth
Design & software mentoring at Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy in Shenzhen, China Launching a startup in 15 days is a skill. Three out of the ten winning teams had mentors from Snowfire. Driven students are at the forefront when it comes to creating tomorrow's digital world. Community
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